How to Login to Blockchainr?

How to Login to Blockchainr?


How to Login To Blockchainr?


If you want to start tracking and managing all your digital assets in one interface, you’re in the right place!


Here at Blockchainr that’s exactly what we help you to do.


Today, we’re going to be showing you how you can login to Blockchainr to start seeing your assets.


Step by step:


  1. Go to the signup page

  2. Input your details (make sure to use the ones you signed up to Blockchainr Beta for)

  3. Add your wallets and authorize the signature

  4. Start tracking! 


It’s that simple.


We made a tutorial for you on YouTube so you can take a look and follow the step-by-step for yourself.



In the meantime, let’s get tracking!


Reach out to us on Twitter or Telegram if you have any other questions.

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