Development Update September 2022

Development Update September 2022


What’s happening at Blockchainr?


It’s been a busy few months for us behind the scenes of Blockchainr, and in this post we’re going to be going through some of the important features and updates we’ve been adding to improve the Blockchainr experience! 


We sat down with our CTO to get the latest dev update for you so you know exactly what’s going on.


Swapper Feature


The Swapper Feature is a more recent addition to the Blockchainr dashboard, curated by our COO, CTO and developer team to allow our users to make Peer to Peer transactions and swap, buy and sell their digital assets directly in the Blockchainr dashboard.


Unlike other providers, here at Blockchainr we have no escrow service, meaning that your asset will remain in your custody until the sale price you set has been reached.


To launch this feature, we will be implementing a no-fee policy for our beta users. If you want to make the most of this feature to transact your assets at market price (pay only for the gas fees) then make sure you stay up to date with us on socials (posted down below) so you can get early access to the Blockchainr dashboard. 


This feature is available on all the chains we currently support: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Binance, Fantom, Harmony, Arbitrum and Solana. 


Recent updates regarding the Swapper Feature:


  • We're currently adding the P2P lending & swapping platform to our landing page with all the chains that we support.
  • We're adding analytics support so we can offer insights on your assets such as the most sold collections.
  • We're creating unique links for each offer so you can share your listing on socials.


User Journey upgrade


One of the most important features for us in building Blockchainr so far has been the user journey and experience. 


Unlike other platforms out there, we want to facilitate the transition from Web2 usage to Web3 usage, and make sure our users are well-informed and comfortable interacting in various blockchains every step of the way. 


Our team has been hard at work to make sure this is the case, and has been working tirelessly on creating a seamless and intuitive UXUI experience for our users. 


More recently, our team has been specifically working on improving the redirection from our landing page to the dashboard. 


New server migration


This has been one of the biggest challenges for the development team so far in the Blockchainr build, in terms of logistics and ensuring hard work isn’t lost in the process - but we are happy to announce that we have finally completed our server migration! 


This move has allowed us to efficiently fetch all data from the new server, meaning that loading times for assets in your dashboard have significantly improved. 


We had also previously experienced issues in loading images in the NFT tab on our old server - we have since identified the issue and we are working on fixing this at the time of writing this post. 


Find us on socials! 


We hope you found this development update insightful and that you are as excited as we are for the official launch of Blockchainr! 


If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on socials directly and we’ll reply to every question or query you have.

Find us on Twitter here, join the Telegram community here and watch our YouTube videos to see the Blockchainr dashboard in action here!

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